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Pasco County Online Learning

Pasco County Online Education 

Online Learning and Online General Education Development (GED)

Preparation Program

GED Online is an Internet-based interactive course designed to prepare participants for the Florida GED Examination. This tuition free online course provides students with the opportunity to learn anytime, any place, and at any pace from the convenience of a computer. This unique learning experience allows instructors to communicate regularly via email and telephone to provide individualized instruction and accommodate the diverse learning styles of the learners.

Course subject areas include:

• Language Arts Writing
• Social Studies
• Science
• Language Arts Reading
• Mathematics

Distance learning courses such as GED Online are highly successful for people who find it difficult to meet at a particular location on a regular basis because of various obligations. Participants in this course will find the freedom of scheduling to be of value. 


Table of Contents

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Adult & Community Education Centers
Adult High School
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
GED Preparation and High School Connection 
General Information
Online GED
Probationers' Educational Growth Program (PEG) 
Reading Assistance Program (RAP)
Schedule of Classes 
Vocational Preparatory Instruction (VPI)